Our Services

Enterprise Architecture Design Consulting

We’ll work with your requirements to define highly available systems that can be provisioned on cloud or on-premise with ansible. Our specialty is creating systems that can process petabytes of big data. 

Operating System and Container Support

We provide assistance in every step of designing and operating a healthy Linux-based container runtime environment. Our experts can help you debug your kubernetes, ansible, and docker environments. 

Open Source Migration Assitance

We’ll conduct an evaluation of your current environments to create solid and fast migration plans and move your services to healthy open-source solutions with no vendor lock-in.

DevOps Implementation Consulting

We provide DevOps consulting by helping companies implement the best DevOps and DevSecOps practices both from scratch and by adapting them to existing projects and creating the proper infrastructure for them. Our experts can assist your team in debugging Jenkins-based DevOps pipelines.

Subject Matter Expert Services

Our experts will create strategies to solve your challenges and guide your team on how to fix problems and improve performance.

About Absonet

We are a team of Open Source System experts supporting and designing extensive systems to support large systems. In the past, we supported large government organizations and private companies around Europe to achieve their goals.


Most of our team is based in Europe, but we are hiring globally.


Our team consists of open-source purists, and we don’t have a Windows division nor give any support. 





Absonet Technology

Index Lifecycle Management

Features 1. Overview 2. Basics 2.1 Phases 2.2 Segment 2.3 Rollover 2.4 Merge 2.5 Shrink 2.6 Searchable Snapshots 2.7 Fully Mounted Index 2.8 Partially Mounted Index 2.9 Index Priority 2.10 Wait for Snapshot 2.11 Some Read more…

Index Templates

1. Overview Index templates are the configurations of indices to be created. However, the configuration of an index can be altered after it is created individually. Whether an index is created manually or automatically while Read more…

JVM Heap Size

First of all, the term JVM heap needs to be cleared. Java Virtual Machine makes a computer able to run a Java program. Java objects live in the heap area. As the JVM starts up, Read more…

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